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Everyone knows not to cross the campus d-bags.
On or off the ice.

You don’t sneak into their house, thinking no one’s watching. You don’t ransack their bedrooms, tripping over hockey gear as you rummage through their things. And you definitely don’t get caught with your head under one’s bed and your size-sixteen backside pointed right at their camera.

Unless, of course… you’re me.

I was so desperate to get my hands on their brotherhood’s Book of Sins that I did all the above. I was in search of proof that could incriminate Tate, my soon-to-be stepbrother and former member of the frat. But not only do I come up empty, I’ve now unknowingly invited three shadows to darken my world.

The most broken and twisted of them all—Micah, Vince, and Ash.

They promise no one has to know I trespassed on their territory. My secret is safe with them, safe from the others, but there’s a cost.

Their silence for my freedom.

I’ll be theirs to control, to own—these sick devils with perfect smiles masking their cold hearts. And if I can’t find a way to beat them at their game… they’ll break my world and my soul into a million tiny pieces.


Savage Kings of Bradwyn U  is  an Enemies-to-Lovers Sports Romance. 


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I swore I’d never fall for an enemy, but now… I’ve fallen for them all.

The Savages are ruthless on ice and downright coldhearted in every other way. They once promised to ruin me—and came incredibly close to succeeding—but our hearts have aligned, and my secrets are theirs, too.

Tragedy has again darkened my world, leaving me afraid of my own shadow. I swear there’s danger lurking around every corner. Still, these four have vowed to protect me at all costs.


Whoever did this is about to learn a valuable lesson.

The only thing worse than messing with a Savage… is messing with their girl.


Savage Kings of Bradwyn U  is  an Enemies-to-Lovers Sports Romance. 

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Available Now!

The stars of my university’s hockey team always have each other’s backs. Like family. Now, they have mine, too.

My sister’s death nearly broke me, and the monster who hurt her nearly killed me when I got too close to the truth. But I’m alive… thanks to the ones I used to call my enemies.

Vince, Ash, Tate, and Micah.

Things are heating up quickly, and the closer we get to the fire, the more we get burned. But it’s tough to stay vigilant when we’re not even sure who the true enemy is.

They certainly know who we are, though, and they’re not shy about exposing our secrets. The fact that they know things we planned to take to our graves is unsettling. To the point that it has us paranoid, constantly watching our backs.

Our world is all chaos and pain right now, but we find solace in each other. The only thing we know for sure is that no matter what comes at us, we’re strong enough to face it.



Savage Kings of Bradwyn U  is  an Enemies-to-Lovers Sports Romance. 


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